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Teachers of the Campus present a model Vakyartha before the students under the banner Vakyartha Parishad, which is being conducted periodically. Wherein, the teacher presents a particular Shastraic concept followed by discussion session. This paves the way for the students to develop the skill of Vakyartha – the essence of traditional Shastraic learning. It is proposed to bring out the proceedings of the Parishad in book form.
Vagvardhini Parishad is a platform for the Campus students for the all round development of academic and various other co-curricular activities. The forum is run by the students’ representatives under the guidance of the faculty members. The Parishad is organized every Thursday wherein students get opportunity to express and exhibit their talent in the field of Shastra, culture etc.
The teachers employed in the campus are renowned and well established in their field of specialization and their Shastraic scholarship has suitably been honoured by various Muths – the traditional sources of Shastraic learning. Many of the faculty members have undergone the rigorous Shastraic testing under the galaxy of scholars. The teachers have also won Young Scholar Award from various institutions. The scholars employed in this campus, even at their young age, are assigned the responsibility of evaluation of Shastraic knowledge in various institutions that itself speaks the scholarship of the faculty.
The students of this campus are well disciplined and always engage themselves in traditional Shastraic learning. Many of the students won prizes at State and National level competitions and Shalaka Parikshas and also National Vijaya Vaijayanti, RS University of Tirupathi Vijaya Vaijayanti and Youth Festival Vijaya Vaijayanti awards. Till date Twentynine of our students won Gold Medals of the Sansthan in the examinations. The students of the campus are getting ranks in various entrance examinations. The campus is known for its traditional learning method and teachers training among similar institutions in India..
The Campus has a Computer Centre with all necessary facilities required for computer education. All the students at Prak-Shastri and Shastri levels are given computer training. They are taught programming and applications.