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Psychology Laboratory

The Department of ShikshaShastra has a psychological laboratory to train student-teachers in various psychological assessment techniques and acquaint them with the concept of standardized tests. The laboratory is equipped with the different apparatus for conducting different psychological experiments.
  • The Apparatus and Tests available in the lab are as follows:

    1. Mirror Drawing Apparatus
    2. Tachistoscope
    3. Maze learning Apparatus
    4. Memory Drum
    5. Language Creativity Test (LCT)
    6. Reading Comprehension Test (RCT)
    7. Group – Test of Intelligence (EGMAT)
    8. Pass-a-long Test of Intelligence
    9. Koh’s Block Design Test with cards
    10. Koh’s Block Design Test with cards
    11. Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
    12. Attitude Scale Towards Teaching Profession

    Purposes or Objectives
  • To enable the students to understand way of conducting psychological experiments.
  • To give practical experiences to B.Ed. students teachers in regard to some of the psychological concepts and principles.
  • To enable the Shiksha-Shastri students to apply scientific method for the solution of psychological problems in psychological laboratory.
  • To give Shiksha-Shastri students living experience in regard in the conducting of psychological experiences in their class room situation in future.
  • To apply the knowledge of various psychological experiments and tests in school situations.
  • To apply the psychological tests in during research work.

  • Facilities in the Psychological Laboratory
  • In this Psychology Laboratory we are now having near about 12 psychological tests (Verbal, Non-Verbal and performance), Personality Inventory, Projective Technique, Creativity Tests, Achievement and Achievement Motivational Tests, and Attitude Scale etc.
  • We also have sensation and perception psychological instruments, learning and memory equipment’s etc. Uses of Psychology Laboratory:  This Psychology Laboratory was useful for Shiksha-shastri students to understand way of conducting five psychological experiments. Also apply the knowledge of several of psychological experiments and standardized psychological tests in their school situation at future.
  • Our Campus is a good research centres so various psychological instruments and standardized psychological tests were useful for various research courses